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About Us

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We are a premium catering service for private dining, weddings, and corporate functions all across Melbourne and Regional Victoria. We take care of everything from waiters refilling glasses, to having your at home private chef explaining the food, to getting all the cleaning done at the end of your celebration. You and your guests will have the best time enjoying that bottle of wine that you've been saving  and our food that has been created perfectly for you.

If you have a special occasion to celebrate with friends and family and want to take it to another level, we will make it happen with an experienced team who will take care of all your entertaining needs, including any dietary requirements. Thomas Damm, head chef and owner, will create a fresh and seasonal menu tailored to your preferences and needs. Additionally we offer matching wine, welcome cocktails, full bartending service, canapés on arrival, and equipment and glassware hire.

We also provide a comprehensive hospitality consultation service where we help businesses around Melbourne and Regional Victoria with ensuring that their brand and products are on trend. Whether your café or restaurant needs a new menu or a brand revamp, contact us and we’ll assist you with all your needs.

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Chef Thomas Damm

Owner and Director Thomas Damm is a Michelin-trained chef. Born and bred in Germany, Thomas has refined his culinary skills in restaurants around the world.

Professionally it took him some detours before

becoming a chef. After being a mechanic, then studying economics and engineering, Thomas finally found what his real passion is, food.

He has the fortune to hone his craft in Germany’s Michelin starred kitchens. In 2010 Thomas moved to Melbourne and he is still here today. Working in the Melbourne Club, also Stokehouse, spending the longest time in one kitchen with 3.5 years. Running the kitchens in various cafes like Las Chicas showed him a wide variety of Australian foods. But the love of fine dining brought him to private dining. ​

Utilising his gastronomic knowledge and combining it with innovative processes, private dining is the best way to showcase his craft while you enjoy a night with family and friends together. And that is what Damm Good provides

for you, a dining experience to remember!


The future of food is delicious and sustainable.

At Damm Good Catering, we have made sustainability our top priority. To be more sustainable is a process and an evolution. Here are the green practices that we have commited to on a daily basis.

Waste management

100% of food waste during production has been used in compost. What initially started as a hobby and a personal project of Chef Thomas is now an essential part of our business practices.

Growing our own herbs

The composted soil is then used in our herb garden where we grow most of our herbs including Australian native herbs such as Saltbush and Lemon Myrtle, which you can find across our menus.

Seasonal ingredients

Seasonal ingredients are fresher, healthier and tastier.

We source them locally to support our local suppliers and to reduce our carbon emissions. This also helps us to reduce food waste and the energy required for longer food storage as they are at their freshest. Additionally, it keeps our creative flare alive!


Reduce, Reuse, Recycle

We constantly endeavour to reduce single-use plastic materials in our practices. We use recyclable or reusable items as much as we can and aim for a plastic-free and zero waste work environment in the near future.


Through our sustainable practices, you can rest assured that your food is responsibly sourced and that you are taking part in our collective efforts in giving back to mother nature and looking after our home planet.

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